The Time Has Come – Farewell to the Chief

The time has come! The illustrious Ben Plummer, River City co-founder and CFO, is retiring at the end of the year.

Ben has been with River City since the company first began in 2007 and one of his most treasured memories is “earning that first check.” Seeing the company grow is also a common theme when you talk with Ben about his favorite experiences in his years spent with us. Growing from 5 employees to 100, being featured in Fortune 500 magazine, and most importantly getting to know the people he works with and being able to call them friends are some of the other fond memories he will take with him.

Throughout this journey, Ben has watched many of us “grow up” both professionally and personally. From raucous management retreats to only slightly more tame Crisis Wave classes, River City has been a trip.

“River City was built on the premise of helping those who cannot help themselves… I think we have built a solid foundation for the company to be around for many years to come”. – Ben Plummer

The office will certainly not be the same without Ben’s presence and unique sense of humor, and we will all dearly miss him.

We wish you the best Ben, and hope retirement doesn’t treat you too badly!

Ben and his wife, Tara