Internship Program

Academic Knowledge Meets Real-World Experience

“An internship is a form of learning that combines the knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with a real-world setting.”

River City believes that real learning comes from real world experiences. In our internship program, River City provides experiential learning opportunities that integrate the knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. We welcome and work with students of all ages from all walks of life. Providing internship programs allows allows River City the opportunity to evaluate and guide talent while students are given the opportunities to learn how to be human service professionals.


Intern positions include the following minimum qualifications:

– Attending an accredited institution and enrolled in classes on campus or online

– 4th year undergraduate or 1st/2nd year graduate student

– Minimum of six months of in-field experience

– Minimum GPA of 2.5

– Access to personal and reliable vehicular transportation and insurance

– Access to personal laptop with wireless capability

– Must be able to complete all background checks and necessary paperwork, certifications and training

*All interns must be willing to participate in direct service activities to be eligible.

Apply now!

To apply for a summer internship, submit a completed web form along with your résumé, cover letter, unofficial transcript and the contact information for 2-3 professional or academic references to the Training and Professional Development Coordinator. Your cover letter should include three areas of interest and how an internship at River City will impact your future career and/or academic goals.

Official transcripts, letters of recommendation or other supplemental materials may be emailed to the Training and Professional Development Coordinator or mailed to River City:

Attn: Mary Culp

River City CCS

13100 Mountain Road

Glen Allen, VA 23059

Benefits of Interning at River City

When you choose to intern at River City, you are making a smart decision for your future. We provide:

  • Opportunity to intern with a state-licensed mental health agency to obtain skills that are relevant in real world application.
  • Full range of supervision levels available to fit your school’s needs. River City provides supervisors who are credentialed and/or have experience in their field.
  • Exposure to a wide range of learning areas to include: social work, clinical counseling, supervision, direct service as well as additional areas which can include human resources; business administration and finance; technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Completion of the 90 hour DMASS training for ParaProfessionals
  • Internship to Employment Path. Many graduates of the River City Internship Program have gone on to become full time employees of River City.
  • Specialized trainings provided at no cost. Includes First Aid, CPR, Crisis Wave and often includes licensed-eligible supervision or other specialized trainings.
  • Dual Evaluations are utilized which provide each student with their internship grade and allows students to provide feedback for their supervisor.

Academic Partners

River City has existing partnerships with a number of universities. Don’t see yours listed? Contact us today to see how we can start one!

  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Liberty University*
  • VSU School of Social Work
  • Baylor University
  • Walden University
  • University of Phoenix*
  • The College of William & Mary
  • Messiah College
  • Regent University
  • Rutgers University School of Social Work
  • J. Sargent Reynolds Community College*
  • Virginia Union University Bachelor of Arts Program in Psychology, School of Education, Psychology, and IDS
  • Capella University Marriage and Family Program
  • Simmons College School of Social Work
  • Longwood University

* Denotes schools from which interns are actively working with River City

Intern Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience at River City. I was immediately welcomed into the River City family, which I  found to be a lovely mixture of diverse, passionate, and energetic individuals with unique personalities and strengths. River City had such a wide range of programs that I was able to gain experience working with various types of clients. I was able to quickly find my place and became involved in a number of both clinical and administrative tasks. My supervisor was always very encouraging and provided me with ample opportunities to utilize my skills, as well as acquire new ones. My River City internship was both a challenging and rewarding experience. Two years later, I am still a proud member of the River City team and currently work as a program director.”- Natalie Clavon, MA, Program Director, River City Comprehensive Counseling Services

“River City afforded me the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people/families and programs that the organization offered within the community they served. The hands on experience and the supervision is what I appreciated the most!”- Daphne A. McLaughlin, MSCMHC-Trauma and Crisis, BSW, Interned June 2013 – August 2014

“My internship with River City was an enlightening and inspiring educational experience. I learned the one thing I did not know I needed to learn; mental health counseling is the field for me. Being new to the field, I had no idea how the internship experience would enrich my professional life and solidify my decision to become a mental health counselor. My supervisor, and the supervisors I encountered while at River City educated me … about many ethical aspects of the profession, best practices and provided tools for my professional counseling toolbox. This continued my education in ways that has placed me ahead of some of my peers in the Master of Science in Mental Health program I now attend. I am forever indebted to the professional staff at River City and their willingness to teach me as well as set higher standard examples for me. Thanks River City!”- Maiszie Meade

“Having the opportunity to intern with River City was an extraordinary experience. As an intern I had an opportunity to work with a diverse group of professionals who all seemed to share one thing in common, to be there for you, every step of the way. I personally witnessed how River City leads by example. I sincerely appreciate the love and passion that River City has for their community and the people living in it.  River City always makes you feel like you are at home, and that you have a family that sincerely cares about your well-being. As an intern, I was treated as an employee, giving me the full experience of what it would be like to work in the mental health field. On a weekly basis I received top quality supervision [that] prepared me for what I should expect to experience in the field then as an intern, and also as a professional in the future. Supervision was always a delightful time to enhance my knowledge and prepare for my future. I am very thankful to my River City Family who continuously assists in molding me into a better professional.”-Brandie Jackson


  • River City takes 5 internships per location per term. The choice to focus on a small group of interns allows River City supervisors the ability to provide the most tailored services and supervision.
  • Application Deadlines for General Internship Terms:
    • Spring (January – April) –  August 1
    • Summer (May – August) – January 1
    • Fall Term (August – December) – May 1
  • Applications are only accepted via the online webform.
  • Upon acceptance in the program, all interns are expected to complete a background check and complete all necessary certifications prior to starting work with

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