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Meet Our Staff – Tangee Moore

Tangee Moore

You’re a VCU SOSW grad. What was it about their program that made you decide that’s where you wanted to go for your degree?

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work′s graduate programs are ranked 11th among the nation’s top social work programs.

I understand you also won some awards while there as well. Can you tell us a little about them?

I won the 2008 Leadership Award and 2008 Elaine Rothenburg Award. Each year the VCU School of Social Work honors an outstanding student in the B.S.W., M.S.W. and Ph.D. programs with the Elaine Rothenberg Social Work Award. As the dean of the School of Social Work, Dean Rothenberg exemplified the following characteristics: academic excellence, service to the university, community and profession; and exceptional personal qualities of compassion and leadership. One student from each program is eligible for the Elaine Rothenberg Social Work Award. In 2008, I was the 1 student and my name is now engraved on a plaque in the Raleigh Building. The leadership award was in recognition of leadership as I participated in the BSW student association and created my own organization at VCU to educate others on domestic violence.

Did getting that sort of recognition for your achievements drive you any harder to your goal of graduating, or were you always confident in your studies?

It added to it, but I was always confident in my studies and considered my studies the bridge to my passion which is working in the human service field.

You’ve been with River City since the beginning. How did you initially cross paths?

Mr. Christmas was one of my professors at VCU who I maintained contact with because I learned a great deal being a student in his Oppressed groups course. I consider him my mentor and later was able to have him as my field instructor when I was placed at the Richmond Midnight Basketball League for my internship. Mr. Christmas informed me of his thoughts about developing River City and I gracefully volunteered to come aboard and be a part of this administration team.

You are/have been primarily responsible for training many of the staff members and new employees. You are also in the position of having been at River City since they began. How has it been to watch the growth and development of River City as a whole?

It has been a great experience watching a team of five transform into a team of over 50 persons. Because I was with this agency from the “grass roots”, I am even more dedicated and committed to continuing the journey with Mr. Christmas and Mr. Plummer, the owners.

You have a young daughter. What do you do for fun together?

We usually attend Richmond’s never ending community events any chance we get such as the many different festivals that are here each year (Greek Festival, Lebanese Festival, etc). We take walks on the different trails such as, Belle Isle and we go to various parks such as Dorey Park and Byrd Park. I am outgoing and enjoy multicultural events/festivals as well as what our city has to offer. I want my daughter to be the same way.