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Meet Our Staff – Steve Simmers


Steve Simmers has a background that includes 20 years in real estate, a profession where his fondness for working with people grew. When the market began to grow soft several years ago, he decided to work on transferring his skills to another profession, one that would allow him to directly help people to overcome their challenges. He has previously earned degrees in business from Elizabethtown College and is pursuing a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

One of the requirements of obtaining his degree included working an internship at a local mental health organization. In the search for his internship, Steve visited the offices at River City, and was happily received. Since coming on board last summer, Steve has gained experience in a variety of different capacities since starting with River City, including working with the Residential Treatment Program and Focused Outreach Richmond, as well as other outpatient services offered by River City, including working with the Crisis Intervention Program. His previous experience and love for people have made him a wonderful addition to the staff, and we look forward to his continued collaboration with River City in the future.