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When Someone Gives You A Compliment…

Each day, we are presented with opportunities. Opportunities are at times self-serving, but they can also be used to enrich and change the lives of others in a big way.

Our Veterans Employment Program (VEP) is one of the staple services here at River City, and it is something that we are extremely proud to be able to provide. It gives us the opportunity each day to give back to the men and women of our community who spent their time and invested their lives in protecting our freedoms. Providing assistance to people can be a thankless job, but many of the vets we have had the privilege to serve have made sure that we know just how much working with them has meant. We would like to share our favorite example with you:



Thanks Marlene for sharing this with us! We are so glad that things are going well for you, hopefully you aren’t running circles too fast around your new coworkers!