River City Interns Share Their Experiences

Each new school year, River City is blessed with an awesome opportunity – to serve as a place of internship to many local students. Schools from all over the state bring fresh minds (sometimes more than we can handle!) and willing hearts in to work with our agency, giving some of these young men and women their first glimpse of their futures in social work.

Two of our interns from this year shared with us their thoughts on their experiences with River City, and what it has meant to them as they move forward with their careers as life-changers, wherever their futures may take them.


“First and foremost Interning at River City has been more than a pleasure, and I am honored to list River City as the root of my Social Work Career Tree. At River City I had the opportunity to share the love and passion that I have for Social Work; I was able to increase my knowledge of all areas of Social Work in a short period of time while being hands on in the field. Interning at River City helped me grow as both a professional and an individual but most importantly I was surrounded by individuals who had an unconditional love and passion for people. Prior to coming to River City I have never witnessed an agency that operated as a family, opposed to the typical office where everyone keep to themselves. Though this abnormal professional atmosphere was something I had to adjust to, I learned that it’s ok to laugh at your place of employment, in addition to setting aside your pride and ask for help when needed. River City did not serve as just an Internship Placement, it served as a foundation for my future career. During my time spent as an intern I witnessed my own personal growth as an individual. With the support and encouragement of my supervisor I was able to recognizing my strengths and weaknesses and transform my weaknesses into strengths. As an undergraduate college student I endured several trials and tribulations, which Mr. Christmas encouraged me to be thankful for because It will give me the opportunity to reach out and relate to those I will interact  with on an everyday basis; especially the clientele at River City. I am extremely thankful to the entire River City staff for welcoming me as an intern with open arms while sharing their encouragement knowledge with me. I especially would like to thank Mr. Christmas and Ms. Moore for consistently pushing me, and providing the extra support and encouragement when they knew I needed it; buy most importantly making sure I had a place where I can call home.”

– Brandie Jackson


“I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience at River City. I was immediately welcomed into the River City family, which I have found to be a lovely mixture of diverse, passionate, and energetic individuals with unique personalities and strengths. With our plethora of programs and services offered, there truly is something here for everyone. This enabled me to quickly get involved and help our agency in various capacities. I will always remember my experiences with my first clients here. As a member of our Crisis Intervention Program, I have had the privilege of working with some of our most severe cases. This has been a challenging and rewarding experience thus far and I am excited to see what the future holds.”

– Natalie Clavon