Remember Rocky Boone?

You remember Rocky don’t you?


2014-03-13 15.53.36

  Formerly of the River City Veterans Employment Program, Rocky moved on nearly a year ago when he took a job driving a truck for Pam (yep, that Pam). Whenever he is in town, he always makes time to stop by and see us. He passed through Richmond recently, and as always, made sure to come say hello to everyone. We spent some time catching up with him, here is what he had to share. “Well, I’m just shy of a year with Pam. Things are going pretty well, the truck has certainly become my home! Working again is wonderful and fun, I probably drive close to 3,000 miles each week, and have had a chance to see lots of really beautiful places. As with anything mechanical, the truck can break down from time to time, but you know, you have to occasionally deal with those sorts of things. The upside is that it allows some layover time to take a break from the road, but you always have to watch hours! Overall, things are great – I’m happy. Though the road is home for now, I would like to drive for maybe 3 or 4 more years, and then retire to San Antonio, Texas to drive a local route.” Rocky also had some advice not only for those in the Veteran Employment Program, but to anyone who finds themselves in a position where it’s time for a change: “I would encourage anyone who has an idea of what they want to do – don’t take no for an answer! Pursue it in earnest and make sure to look out for those who can and are willing to help you. It won’t always be easy, but don’t get discouraged. Having a “Plan B” is always a good move as well, but if you really want something, you can make it happen!” We are very proud of Rocky and thankful that he still considers us his friends. Though we miss him, we know that when a route brings him our way he is  probably going to come and check in on us.