I’ll Have a Business Cut, Please

Going to a job interview can be a really exciting time. Getting the opportunity to accept that position you’ve been after is a great feeling – if you can make it past the interview. Preparing for an interview is something that most people would probably agree is important, if you want the job at least. Preparation for an interview typically falls into two separate categories – mental preparation and physical preparation. For some, making sure that they are ready to respond to questions they will be asked is most important. Getting down the fine points of your résumé and finding a way to mesh your experience and background with the new position is of extreme importance. Flash cards and practicing in front of the mirror aside, there is quite often another weighty factor when it comes to the average job interview – personal appearance. Personal appearance is often as important (and sometimes more important) as the way you present yourself verbally in an interview. Why? Well, for a variety of reasons. Making a good first impression is the primary reason to take care in your appearance for an interview. While it doesn’t always ultimately speak to the character of the individual who is applying for the job, you can bet that many employers are taking mental notes on you as soon as they see you. So how do you prepare for an interview? What are the right steps to take? Our primary mission with our Veterans Employment Program (VEP) is simple – to connect as many veterans with jobs as we can. We work with the participants to help them in seeking out jobs, as well as preparing them for their interviews. When necessary, we provide them clothing such as suits or other dress attire, as well as shoes – but getting physically prepared doesn’t stop there – personal grooming is a part of the equation too. One of our friends in the VEP, Mike Green, is always ready and willing to step in to put the finishing touches on physical preparation. What is Mike’s specialty exactly? Haircuts – sharp ones. If he is in the office and isn’t applying for jobs himself, odds are he has a pair of clippers in his hands, helping to get someone ready else for their big day. Thanks Mike for your dedication to the VEP and for helping get everyone one step closer to being ready to accept.