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From A Former Client…

We meet a lot of people through the Veterans Employment Program here at River City. Actually, let us correct that – we meet a lot of great people through the VEP.

One of those people we have had the pleasure of getting to know and assisting over the past year is Jonathan Cooper, who sent recently sent us this letter:


“Hello my name is Jonathan Cooper and i’m writing a letter tonight because I wanted to tell the employer of Mrs. Kelly Tumlin how dedicated and effective she is doing her job. I call her Miss Kelly cause that is the type person she is she likes being on a first name basis and truly befriending people.

I was a homeless veteran and stayed at the Freedom House. I remember days when I was felling low energy, unmotivated and very pessimistic. I would go down to River City and talk to Miss Kelly and after leaving I’d have a feeling inside that i could achieve anything. It wasn’t just me all the guys at the Freedom House would say similar things. People can sense when someone really cares about them.

 Just last week I was in a rush to submit my resume but, I was lacking the SF15 form (Veterans preference points form) I had an hour to submit everything before the expiration of the open position at the VA. I had to call Roanoke and get them to fax it to Kelly. I text her and didn’t know she had left the office but, instead of her saying ill email it to you tomorrow i’m at home relaxing, she call the office had them email it to her inbox and she emailed it to me all in a few minutes. She is doggone awesome! That just a small micro instance of what she does for the down and out guys that come to River City.

 Since coming to Richmond on June, 3, 2013 I have went from living on the streets, to Carita’s house, to Freedom House, to living in my own home here in Chesterfield. Also, from have no job prospects to being a full time employee with Admiral Security (which I am currently, while seeking employment at the McGuire VA hospital.

 In Miss Kelly’s own way she help me a lot on my journey whether its helping me update my resume to the intangibles of giving a person belief that they can achieve anything she is the best anyone could ask for!

 She told me no need to write a letter but, I had to somehow show my appreciation other than just saying thank you.”


Thank you Jonathan for the kind words!